Friday, August 26, 2011

North Island Champs

Are been held at the Henderson Club this weekend.  Good luck to Stu and Dan who are going  up. They went last year and came around the middle of the pack. With  the way they are racing at the moment they should be able  to show the  jaffa's a thing or 2. Good luck to both of you and may the speed gods be on your side . I will post the results when I find out  myself.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

race night results 3/8/11

With  8 drivers turning up there was only time for 3 heats instead of 4. The races were for total laps instead of points this time round. With a rubbered up  track we saw a few 50 laps reached in the 3 minutes, with Dan just about doing a 51 (50.9). Peter had a bit of bad luck and smoked a motor, but with a quick change of cars saw him fight his was back to 5th. Dan found his winning form again taking out the win with 440.2 laps. Tony did well for his first time out with a solid 300 lap (8th). Check the photo for the full results. Next week racing will be at Darren's 16th ave track, so get your cars ready and see you there.