Wednesday, April 25, 2012


updated 25/4/12    (7th round)
Points  are as follows:
1st 10 points, 2nd 9  points,  3rd  8 points etc
Over 21 races (7 at each track,  every 2nd week)
You  can drop your worst 6 (2 from each track)
Darren  65 
Trev      60
Dan       57
Stu        49
Barry     44
Daniel   32
Tony     25
Peter     20

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wednesday Night Racing 18/4/12

With Daniel away and Peter back there were 7 drivers lined up for a nights racing. This time around it was with the new NASCAR bodies
Dan set the pace in qualifying by doing a 15.4. It was a close battle for the next 4 places with only 0.6 separating Stu, Barry, Darren and Trevor. Tony got one over Peter when his motor turned into a Diesel.    
Dan        15.4
Stu         15.0
Barry      14.7
Darren    14.5
Trev        14.4
Tony       12.5
Peter       11.5
In the 1st round there was not much in it with everyone trying to find their feet on a slippery track.  Again Dan set the pace by putting 2.7 laps between himself and 2nd place. With 3.5 laps covering the next 4 places Trevor fought off Darren followed by Stu and rounded off by Peter. Barry spun a pinion but still manage to keep his noise in front of Tony.

Dan        139.5
Trev       136.8
Darren    136.1
Stu         135.0
Peter      133.3
Barry      119.2
Tony       107.4
The 2nd round everyone woke up and the lap times started to tumble down. Again with only a hand full covering the top 4 guys it was anyone's race. This time it saw Darren come out on top closely followed by Stu. Then it was Dan, Trevor, Peter, Barry and Tony.
Darren    143.5
Stu         142.6

Dan        141.0
Trev       136.3
Peter      135.8
Barry      130.0
Tony       108.6
In the 3rd and final round it was do or die as the nights win was in reach of top 3 guys. Darren steeped up to the mark by blasting off the most laps of the night.

Darren    145.4
Stu         141.7
Peter      138.7
Trev       136.8
Dan        136.2
Barry      131.0
Tony       114.2

With everything added up the results are as below.

Darren    439.5
Stu         434.3
Dan        432.1
Trev       424.3
Peter      419.3
Barry      395.0
Tony       342.7

Next weeks racing is a points night at Dan's track, so see you there.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Points Night Racing Results 4/4/12

Despite the bad weather everyone found room for their stuff in Darren's garage. The weather might of been bad, but the racing was good.The computer packed a sad after the 1st lot of races, but Darren waved his magic wand and got it going again.
It was one of those nights where a number of people could of taken it out, but Darren made sure he was going to be the person to beat right from the start by posting some big laps, the best just over 88. Trevor was a distant 2nd with nothing between Stu and Barry for 3rd and 4th. Dan had car troubles and ended in 4th. Daniel battled it out with Tony for 5th and 6th.
Next week racing will be a non points night at the Kinlock. So throw on your NASCAR bodies and get ready to race.


updated 11/4/12    (6th round)
Points  are as follows:
1st 10 points, 2nd 9  points,  3rd  8 points etc
Over 21 races (7 at each track,  every 2nd week)
You  can drop your worst 6 (this may  be changed  to  3 TBD)
Darren  55 
Trev      52
Dan       50
Stu        40
Barry     39
Daniel   28
Tony     22
Peter     14

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wed Nights Racing 4/4/12

I was away for the nights racing and don't have the results, but congratulations to Barry for taking out the nights win for the first time ever.  By all accounts it was a good nights racing.
This weeks racing will be a points night and will be back at the 16ave track.