Cool Slot Car Video's

It's a bit long, but  if  you fast forward it  a  bit  it gets better.  The  night racing is pretty cool.

Some slot car  drag racing. All 1/32 with some good camera  angles.

Here's some video's from our  friends on  the other side of the hill.

A cool advert from  the 80's

This looks like fun. Digital  racing.

More digital racing

And some  fun  in  the dirt.

I posted this ages ago and  it  always rates very high in  the stats, so I will put  the  link here to make it easier  to  find. Ford Falcon slot car ad
which is a copy of the Volvo  slot car ad.

Not slot car racing, but old school real racing before roll cages and seat belts. Got to hand it to these guys.