Sunday, July 31, 2011

Racing format for Wed 3/8/11

This weeks format will   be for the most number of laps. There will be no qualifying with 4 races instead of 3. The  person with the most  number of laps  over the 4 races will win the  nights racing. The track has a good  layer  of rubber, so we should see some quick times.
Good luck....

The Kinloch Track renovation photos

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wednesday 20th July

This weeks racing was at Darren's at Sixteenth Avenue,
Good nights racing with everyone showing good pace and driving skill!
Racing was very close with PETER winning the nights points
"He should be happy as he hasn't won since the last points round"
Nice one Peter!
Daniel improving nicely, 
Looks like Tony will be racing with us soon - Looking forward to it.
Barry's new car is VERY FAST!! 
 Dan, Darren and Trevor thanks for coming :O)

Points attached

Next week racing at Dan's 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday Night Racing 13 July 2011

We saw some very close racing last night with some tight finishes. Dan's winning  streak of 5  in  a row  came to a end with Trevor coming out the overall winning and Stu close behind for 2nd.  3rd was tied between  Darren and Peter. Dan never recovered from his bad start and ended in 5th and Daniel rounding off in  6th.  Some record times were set and 50 laps taking about 3min 3sec. 

The staggered starts seem to work  fine, so they will  stay. At this stage I will probably go  back to  the 3min races instead of 50 laps.

The next time we race here it will be for laps (and sections), with a A&B final. (as per Dan's). 
Next week we will  be at the 16th ave. Darren is always hard to beat at home, so no doubt there will be plenty of work been done before then.   

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

points for tomorrow

after talking to Peter  the points for Wed nights racing will  be as following;
qualifying, fastest lap over 1 min
1st 3 points
2nd 2 points
rest 1 point
racing,  50 laps
1st 3 points
2nd 2 points
3rd  1 point

Friday, July 8, 2011

Racing format for Wed 13/7/11

I was thinking of using the following format for next weeks racing;
Fastest lap over 1 minute and work points backwards by the number of people. (7 people - 1st would get 7 and 7th will get 1)
Race over 50 laps (should be around 3 min 15 sec) and points per race. 1st will get 3, 2nd gets 2 and 3rd 1.
This might seem a bit unbalanced in the points between the qualifying and the racing, but it is pretty close to the same points system we have been using at Dan's.
(Qualifying: points awarded 1st = 6pts 2nd = 5pts etc down to 1point
Race points (3x 3min)  1st= 10pts 2nd = 8pts 3rd =6 pts.)
If you win all 3 races you will get 9 points v's 10.
Any other suggestions or feed back would be appreciated.   

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Trevor today

who is a huge 45.

race night 6/7/11

The first nights racing at  the  Kinloch  track went pretty well, but with a few problems with  the timing system showing up. Hopefully it should be all sorted out by next week. This week saw 7 people turn up which made  for some great racing. A big shout out  to  the newest member Daniel  who is starting to show some  good pace. With a bit of time he should  be right up there. Also once Barry gets used to his new controller he will be right  on  the  pace. Darren was a bit unlucky with a motor wire coming off after a crash.  
This weeks format was for  points.  1st qualifier getting 7 points,  2nd getting 6 points etc. For the racing 1st got 10 points,  2nd getting 8 points and 3rd getting 6 points.
Congratulations to Dan taking out 1st place. This must make it about 5 in a row now.
The  overall results are as  below
1 Dan 94 points
2 Pete 89  points
3 Stu 82  points
4 Trev 75  points
5 Darren 73  points
6 Barry 62  points
7 Daniel 57  points

Next weeks racing will also be at the Kinloch track.
The main  focus will  be 1/24th racing, but afterwards there will  be a quick 1/32 racing (time permitting), so bring your 1/32 cars just  in case.
Looking for a web site, but can not find it. Have a look on the link below.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


to everyone who came along on Saturday to try out the track.  Everything seems to be working so Race night on Wednesday  will be at the Kinloch Track aka Trevors place.
Handy Tip for the week:  Check for obstacles behind your car before reversing over them.