Saturday, March 31, 2012


updated 28/3/12
Points  are as follows:
1st 10 points, 2nd 9  points,  3rd  8 points etc
Over 21 races (7 at each track,  every 2nd week)
You  can drop your worst 6 (this may  be changed  to  3 TBD)
Darren  45
Dan      44
Trev      43
Barry    32
Stu       32
Daniel   23
Tony     18
Peter    14

Friday, March 30, 2012

Race Night Results 28/3/12

With a crew of 7 on board for a  night's racing, everyone was keen to get some  more points for the series. This  been  the 5th round, we are coming up to the cut  off point for the worst 6 races you can drop.  It is anyone's  guess who will take it out.
Darren set  the  pace right from  the start and was always going to  be the  person  to  beat.

Darren 15.6 (+0)
Trevor 15.5  (+0.1)
Dan +  15.3  (+0.3)
Barry  14.6 (+1.0)
Stu  14 (+ 1.6)
Daniel 12.6 (+ 3.0)
Tony 11.8 (+ 3.8)

After the 1st round  Darren increased  his lead by doing a 141.4 while most of the rest were in  the 130's mark.

Darren 141.9 (+0)
Trevor  139.9 1 (+2.1)
Dan 137.9 (+4.3)
Stu 131.9 (+11.6)
Barry  129.2 (+13.7)
Daniel  114.1 (+30.8)
Tony  110.8 (+34.9)

The 2nd round pretty  much went as the 1st round did,  but Trevor and Dan swapped places as well as Tony and Daniel.

Darren 141.4 (+0)
Dan 137.5 (+8.2)
Trevor  137.1 (+6.4)
Stu 134 (+19)
Barry 131.3  (+23.8)
Tony 116.2  (+60.1)
Daniel 116.1 (+56.1)

The 3rd round saw  Trevor taking it from Darren who had car troubles.

Trevor 143.3 (+3.6)
Darren 140.5) (+0)
Dan 138.2 (+10.5)
Stu 137.5 (+22.8)
Barry 132.7 (+31.6)
Daniel 120.7 (75.9)
Tony  116.9) (+83.7)

Everyone beat at least  1 of the  personal bests, so there was some good driving by everyone. So  with everything added up the results are as below.
1st Darren 439.4
2nd Trevor 435.8
3rd Dan 428.9
4th Stu 416.6
5th Barry  407.8
6th Daniel 363.5
7th Tony 355.7

Well done to Darren who has taken  out the win  for a 2nd time in a row at the Kinloch track.

I have updated the best laps score board

This laps are really starting to creep up now. It's only a matter of time before the magic 50 is reached.
Don't forget it's racing 2 weeks  in a row at  the 16th  Ave track, next week  with  the  new NASCAR bodies followed with a points night with the sedan's.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wednesday Night Racing 21/3/12 ---LMP Bodies

With the bad weather and it being a non points night, the racing was moved from Darren's to Dan's.
As usual there was some very  close racing, and at the end  of the night there was only a couple of laps separating some of the drivers.
Qualifying saw Dan come  out tops  with  a 16.6, Darren  16, Stu  15.6, Barry 15, Peter 14.4, Trevor 13.9, Daniel  13.2, Tony 13.1
After  the first round is was Darren with 141.1, Peter 139.5, Dan 138.6,  Barry  138,  Stu 137.3, Trevor 123.6,  Daniel  118.9, Tony 114.6
In the second round  Darren again came out in  front with a 144.8,  Dan142.7, Barry 139.2, Stu  135.3, Peter 133.1,  Daniel 120.8, Trevor 120, Tony 116.6
The third round Dan came back  with a 143,  Darren 142.5, Barry 139.7, Stu 139.2,  Peter 138.9, Trevor 119.5, Tony 118.9, Daniel  104.9
With all the  laps added up the results are as follows.
1st Darren 444.4
2nd Dan 440.9
3rd Barry 431.9
4th Stu  427.4
5th Peter  425.9
6th Trevor 377
7th Tony 363.2
8th Daniel 357.8

Saturday, March 17, 2012

race night results 14/3/12

This weeks racing was at the Scantlebury  track. This was  the 4th  round of the  points series. With everybody settling  in with  the sedan  bodies there was some close  racing.
It  was a  2 horse race between Darren and Dan for 1st place until Darren's motor went off and could  only do a 32 in  one  of the  races. After a quick  fix he was back on  the pace, but the damage was  already done This allowed Trevor to sneak  in  to  2nd  place,  but he could  not do anything about Dan who was  on the pace all  night  long  and  took  out  1st. Darren came  back with  some  good laps and was not far behind for 3rd. It was only the 2nd  time Peter had race with  the  sedan body and with  the lack of   racing of lately he  did  well  to  take  out  4th. It was a close finish  for 5th and 6th,  with Barry just getting his nose in front  of  Stu and keeping  it there to come out  in front. Daniel fought off a spirited Tony to come out  in front of  him.
The results  are as  follows.
1st Dan
2nd  Trevor
3rd  Darren
4th  Peter
5thy Barry
6th  Stu
7th  Daniel
8th Tony

Friday, March 16, 2012


Points  are as follows:
1st 10 points, 2nd 9  points,  3rd  8 points etc
Over 21 races (7 at each track,  every 2nd week)
You  can drop your worst 6 (this may  be changed  to  3 TBD)
Barry    26
Darren  35
Dan      36
Daniel   18
Peter    14
Stu       25
Trev      34
Tony     14

A quick meeting before we start racing this Wed

We will have a quick discussion on  the new NASCAR bodies  and the  point  series before we start racing this Wed. Racing will be at  the 16th  ave track  with  LMP style bodies. See you there. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday Night Racing 7/3/12

With the 1/32's out again and a full team of 8 on deck, there was always going to be some close racing.
Dan came out tops in qualifying by blasting off a 14.3. Only 0.3 separated the next 3 places with Trevor(13.7) coming out in front of Peter(13.5),  followed by Darren.(13.4)
Stu was in 5th with a 12.5, followed by Barry's 11.3. It was very close between  Tony and Daniel with Tony taking  it out by  0.1 with a 10.6 V's  Daniel's 10.5.
After the  first round it was Darren  setting the pace with a 127.1, 2nd Dan 126.1, 3rd Trevor 123.2, 4th Peter 121.6,  5th Stu 114.2, 6th Barry 112.5, 7th Tony  98.6, 8th Daniel 97.2
In the 2nd round it was Dan 1st 126.9, 2nd  Trevor 126.1, 3rd Peter 124.6, 4th Darren 124, 5th Stu 119 6th Barry 115.1, 7th Daniel 107.8, 8th Tony 102.1
In  the final round Dan blasted off a impressive 129.7, Darren 126.3, Trevor 124.8, Peter 124.1, Stu 120.1, Barry  116.4, Tony 107.2, Daniel 103.2
With the qualifying added in the results are as follows
1st Dan 397
2nd Darren 390.8
3rd Trevor  387.8
4th Peter 383.8
5th Stu 365.8
6th Barry 355.3
7th Daniel 318.7
8th Tony 318.5
Well done Dan. With a points night next week at Dan's, it is going to be hard to beat him on his home track. Tony is really snapping at Daniel's rear wheels now, so  that is shaping up to be a close battle.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stu's New Track

I will do a progress report on the building  of Stu's new track. I've  got a  bit of catching up  to  do,   so  please bear with  me.  Today was  the  first time I saw it and   a great deal of   work  has  gone into   it and  to  a very  high  standard. The guys have been working very  hard and you should be  proud of yourselves.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Points Night Rule Changes. Let me know what you think.

There  has been  some discussion about   changing the rules  for  the  V8  Saloon  series.
1.  To  allow NASCAR  styles  bodies (limited to about 3 types). This will bring down  the cost  to  about  $12 v's  about $20 from Gill.
2. Changing  the  number  of races  you can drop from  6 (about 3  months racing) down to 3. We will  be still be racing over 21 rounds,  but  only 18 will  count towards your  points. This is to allow  for people been  away  for  holidays/work etc.
Something to  think about  and let me  know  your thoughts on  Wednesday.


Points  are as follows:
1st 10 points, 2nd 9  points,  3rd  8 points etc
Over 21 races (7 at each track)
You  can drop your worst 6 (this may  be changed  to  3 TBD)
Barry    20
Darren  27
Dan      26
Daniel   14
Peter       7
Stu        20
Trev      25
Tony     11

Wednesday Night Racing 29/2/11 ----points night and a leap day.----

It was another  night  of fast and furious racing at the 16th  ave track.  With the  saloon bodies back on,  the times were surprising  quick. Darren  set  the  pace right  from the start by doing a 28.2 in qualifying while  most of the rest were  in the 25 lap mark. He  then went  on to post  some solid 80 plus laps in the other races, only to snatch defeat from  the jaws of victory by doing a 77 on the 3rd to last race. Even by doing a record of 84.1 in the next race still wasn't enough  to stop  Trevor from taking out 1st place with 766.3 laps. Darren was 4.7  laps behind with 761.6 laps to take out 2nd place.
It was the closest finish  yet  for 3rd and 4th  with only 0.4 laps between Barry  and  Dan. Now  that Barry has new eyes, he is finally able to see his car  and drove the wheels off his car all night long,  but Dan  came away  with 3rd  with 723.6  laps   just ahead of Barry (4th) with  723.2 laps. Stu  wasn't that  far  behind, but with 716.2  laps 5th place  had his name  on it. Daniel  did some constant laps and ended  up with  660.4 to take out 6th. Tony concentrated on  his driving  and  it  really showed with a good 630.9 laps to round off in  7th.
Next weeks racing is at the  Kinloch track. With it  being  a non points night,  break out your 1/32 cars and I will see you  there.