Saturday, March 17, 2012

race night results 14/3/12

This weeks racing was at the Scantlebury  track. This was  the 4th  round of the  points series. With everybody settling  in with  the sedan  bodies there was some close  racing.
It  was a  2 horse race between Darren and Dan for 1st place until Darren's motor went off and could  only do a 32 in  one  of the  races. After a quick  fix he was back on  the pace, but the damage was  already done This allowed Trevor to sneak  in  to  2nd  place,  but he could  not do anything about Dan who was  on the pace all  night  long  and  took  out  1st. Darren came  back with  some  good laps and was not far behind for 3rd. It was only the 2nd  time Peter had race with  the  sedan body and with  the lack of   racing of lately he  did  well  to  take  out  4th. It was a close finish  for 5th and 6th,  with Barry just getting his nose in front  of  Stu and keeping  it there to come out  in front. Daniel fought off a spirited Tony to come out  in front of  him.
The results  are as  follows.
1st Dan
2nd  Trevor
3rd  Darren
4th  Peter
5thy Barry
6th  Stu
7th  Daniel
8th Tony

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