Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Night Racing 30/11/11

 This weeks racing was for total laps (incl qualifying).  It  was  another night  of close racing  at the Scantlebury track for most  of us, except for Dan who was in a  league to  himself with  convincing wins in (I think) in all  his races. Dan finished the night with  just  about  24 laps clear  of   2nd place. It was pretty close for 2nd,3rd & 4th with only 10 laps difference between Trevor, Stu and Darren. Barry started out good, but after a car change saw him fade away to 5th. Daniel and Tony were very consistent to  round off 5th and 6th.
We got through the 1/24th pretty  quick so that left just enough time for some 1/32 racing (3x2min-no  qualifying).
The driver  of  the  night  has to  go to  Dan, for not  only  kicking our  butts, doing a  49.9 (again),  but  for also  winning the 1/32 race  at the end  of the night.

1st Dan 446.3
2nd Trevor 422.7
3rd Stu 418.2
4th Darren 412.5
5th Barry  388.6
6th Daniel 312.3
7th Tony 289.2

1st Dan 78.1
2nd Darren 69.7
3rd Stu 67.6
4th Barry 63.4
5th Trevor60.3
6th Tony 51

Next weeks racing will  be at the Kinlock track, so see you there.

Updated race points 30/11/11

Dan             34
Stu              34
Darren        32
Daniel         21
Trevor         31
Barry           28
Tony           16

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Updated race points

Dan             24
Stu              26
Darren        25
Daniel         16
Trevor        22
Barry          22
Tony          12

race night results 23/11/11

With 7 of us  turning up, it made for another night  of good racing. The track was cleaned down, but it soon came right after a couple of races. Darren is always hard to  beat on  his own track, but even when  he did  a record 88  laps it was still  not  good enough to take  out 1st place. The driver of the  night  had to  be Stu  who was on fire. He was fast and very consistent   and  took out a  well  deserved  win.
1st  Stu           752.9
2nd Darren     747.9
3rd  Dan         723.9
4th   Trevor     718.2
5th   Barry       679.2
6th   Daniel      673.4
7th   Tony        597.3
Next week will  be at the  Scantlebury  track, so see you there

Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 NZ National Rusults

As I  have mentioned before Stu, Dan and Darren went down  to  Wellington  to  race this weekend. Bearing  in mind  this is the first time they have raced at this track,  I  think they  did extremely well.  The results are as follows;
Falcon LMP
14th/27  Darren
15th/27 Dan
24th/27 Stu

Falcon  F1/Indy
15th/23 Dan

S16D Saloon
16th/27  Darren
18th/27  Dan
21st/27 Stu

16th/27 Dan
20th/27  Darren
22nd/27 Stu

Group  12 Eurosport
12th/21 Stu
14th/21  Dan
17th/21 Darren

Group  12 Wing
9th/20  Dan
11th/20  Darren
18th/20  Stu

Again  guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Personal Bests

I have started a board for personal best lap times over 1x3min,3x3min and 9x3min (+ 1min qualifying.)
If everyone could keep a eye on your best laps and let me know when you have bettered it that would  be a great help.

race night results 16/11/11

With Stu and Dan away there were 5 people  that turned up. With only  a  light  spray of glue on the track everyone was looking for grip. Most  of the laps over 3 min were  in  the 45-47 range with the best being 48.3
Tony  did a 39.3, so it is  just a matter of time  before he cracks the 40 lap mark, but the  most  improved driver of the  night would have to be Barry  who took out 2nd. We got though the 3 heats of racing by 9, so that gave us just enough time to fit a round robin race for 1/32 cars. Unfortunately Daniel's car broke before we started  racing, so that only left 4 of us.
I  have posted a photo of the results, but the 1/32 are a bit hard to read, so have listed them below.
1st Trevor      110.2
2nd Darren     109.6
3rd  Barry       100.4
4th Tony         98.6
Don't forget next weeks racing will  be at the 16th ave track, so will see you there.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

race numbers for 2012

As the same as last year we will  be  offering out the numbers 1,2&3. Unfortunately we have not kept  good records of all  the races this year.Darren  has giving me the results of the race at 16th ave (2/11/11) and  combined with last  week they are as  followers. 10 points for 1st, down to 1 point for 10th. I  think it is  only fair that all  7 of  us must  be there  to gain  points.(ie  there will  be no  points scored this wed)
Dan             16
Stu              16
Darren        16
Daniel         11
Trevor        15
Barry          16
Tony             8

Saturday, November 12, 2011

race night results 9/11/11

Sorry about the  lack of  results lately. I would blame it  on a computer problem,  but I can't blame anyone  but myself. The results are below and don't forget  racing will  be at the Kinloch track again this Wednesday 16/11/11. Dan and Stu will not be  able  to make it, so there should  only be 5 of us. We will  be able to get through the racing (qualifying and 3 heats) before 9.00, so bring your 1/32 cars. There should be  time for 1 heat of races (round robin).
Also good luck to  Stu, Darren  and Dan who are  heading down  to  Wellington  for the  nationals this weekend.
1st Trevor       440.5
2nd Dan          437.7
3rd Stu            426.2
4th Barry         422.5
5th Darren       420.8
6th Daniel        392.1
7th Tony          344.5

Xmas do

It was very nice of Daniel to offer to have it at his holiday batch this year. It will be the 2nd Sunday of December. Bring all of your family and make a full day of it. More details  of who's coming and what to bring closer  to the date. Myself and Darren have our cars full, but if anyone else would like to  car pool feel free to  talk to the other member about it.