Wednesday, November 23, 2011

race night results 23/11/11

With 7 of us  turning up, it made for another night  of good racing. The track was cleaned down, but it soon came right after a couple of races. Darren is always hard to  beat on  his own track, but even when  he did  a record 88  laps it was still  not  good enough to take  out 1st place. The driver of the  night  had to  be Stu  who was on fire. He was fast and very consistent   and  took out a  well  deserved  win.
1st  Stu           752.9
2nd Darren     747.9
3rd  Dan         723.9
4th   Trevor     718.2
5th   Barry       679.2
6th   Daniel      673.4
7th   Tony        597.3
Next week will  be at the  Scantlebury  track, so see you there

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