Saturday, November 12, 2011

race night results 9/11/11

Sorry about the  lack of  results lately. I would blame it  on a computer problem,  but I can't blame anyone  but myself. The results are below and don't forget  racing will  be at the Kinloch track again this Wednesday 16/11/11. Dan and Stu will not be  able  to make it, so there should  only be 5 of us. We will  be able to get through the racing (qualifying and 3 heats) before 9.00, so bring your 1/32 cars. There should be  time for 1 heat of races (round robin).
Also good luck to  Stu, Darren  and Dan who are  heading down  to  Wellington  for the  nationals this weekend.
1st Trevor       440.5
2nd Dan          437.7
3rd Stu            426.2
4th Barry         422.5
5th Darren       420.8
6th Daniel        392.1
7th Tony          344.5

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