Useful Slot Car Web Sites

If you scroll  down on the left hand side to chemistry (hot parts& tools), you will find some useful  information on oil's, tyre glue, etc

Our web site for our Tauranga tracks. You will find photo's, information, etc about us .

The home page for the NZSCA. Everything  from clubs and locations etc  about slot car racing in New Zealand can be found here.

Lots of slot car links can be  found here.

Nothing to do with slot cars, but this guy is funny..... or crazy. Well worth the read.

  Motor  magnets and timing. Pretty much covers everything you need to  know about this subject

Good write  up on  how to  build a Turbo Flex chassis.

A good timing software. It's the main one we use on our Tauranga tracks. It's free, but a  donation to a good charity  is very welcome. See the site for details.

Two very  good track building  sites. The  first  one is main one I  used when building mine.

Some ways to run your meetings with some different racing formats.

Gear ratio chart. Simply type in your tyre diameter to find out the gear ratio.

The A to Z  of slot car talk. If you don't understand what people are talking about, simply look  it up here.