Photo's Of Our Cars and Tracks.

Some  Of The Gang
From left to  right
Peter, Stu, Darren, Daniel, Barry, Stev

Seven  Of Our 1/24th Saloon Cars

Tony's 1/32 Cars
Both scratched built chassis
S16 Motors
Firebird  and a  unknown body

Darren's 1/32 slot Car
International  1/32  Chassis
Falcon Motor
Ford Mustang Body

Trevor's 1/32 Slot Car
International  1/32  Chassis
Falcon Motor
RX3  Mazda  Super Saloon Body

Trevor's  1/24th Slot  Car
Turbo  flex chassis
Hawk  motor
Ford Falcon Body

The Old Kinloch Track (2010)
12  Metres long
6m  x  1.2m
The Original Track

The Kinloch Track  (2011)
24  Metres Long
6.4m  x 2.5m
This track started out as you see  it above. In the middle of 2011  the track got moved from  the garage into the rumpus room and a extension was  added. The banked corner (right hand  side   in  photo above) was cut out and is  now the first  turn after the  start/finish  line. (top left  in photo  below)
The Kinlock track is approx 24m 3 lane  circuit track it consists of  tighter corners,a cross  over and  2 banked corners and long straights. 

16th  Ave Track
The 16th Ave Track is approx 13mtr 3 lane high banked speed track. A small version of the classic US-Style track consisting of a high banked "full punch" turn and a donut corner.

The  Scantlebury track
The Scantlebury Track is a 25mtr all  flat circuit 3 lane track. it consists various flowing corners the largest at 2.4 mtrs wide.