Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last race for 2011

Just a  quick thank  you  for everyone that turned up  for the last race  of the year.  The  results are  posted below.
Also  a special  thanks  for  the  companies  that  gave  us the  gifts for  our  prize giving, especially  Homes  Industrial Supplies.
A quick  decision was  held and the  following  was decided  (to be  confirmed)
stay with  the same chassis/motor rules
use  sedan  Falcon  or Commodore bodies (with  interior)
have a  points series over the year with  fixed dates.
Again  the details will  be  worked  out latter.
Racing will start again  in  late  Jan or early Feb.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

------------Last Race For 2011 - --------This Wed 21/12/11--------

A quick  reminder that the last race for 2011 will  be at the Kinloch track. There  will be a sausage sizzle at 6pm with  racing to start at 7pm.As mention before racing will  be over 1  minute , so it should be over within a  hour. That should leave plenty of time for drinks and talk. Sausages, sauce and bread are free. Any think else BYO.

race night results 14/12/11

With Christmas almost here, there were only 4 drivers for this nights racing. With 2  marshals that left 2 drivers to  battle  it out over 3 lanes. Darren was flying from  the  very start by  posting a 51.7 on his very first race, and  backing that up with some good laps  in the second heat, then to finish it off with a 52.4  in  the third heat.  Second was a close tie between Barry and Trevor, with Trevor coming out the winner by 1.5 laps.
However the driver of the night  the  night goes to  Tony  for doing some consistent times and  in  doing so beating his own personal best.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Updated race points 7/12/11

Dan             41
Stu              42
Darren        41
Daniel         26
Trevor         41
Barry           34
Tony           16

So close is the racing nowdays, the top 4 drivers virtually all  ended  up with the same points.   
With the  limited number  of races (5) and  no clear winner it has been decided not to give out the numbers 1,2+3 this year. 

Last race date for 2011 Wed. 21/12/11

We will  have our last race for the 2011  season at the Kinloch  Track on  Wed  21st.  If you would like to come a  bit earlier there will  be a BBQ  sausage sizzle.  Feel free to bring  your own  steak etc and BYO alcohol.
Racing will  be over  1 minute instead of 3  minutes (9x1min),  so we should fly  though the  nights racing.

race results 7/12/11

With  a  cleaned down track with a good spray of glue, we  were ready for a good nights racing.
Stu  got off to  a  flyer,  posting two  50 laps  with Darren, Dan and Trevor posting 49's.By the 2nd  round   there were a few more 50's with  Darren doing a 52.   backing  up with  a  52.3 in  the 3rd round.  The final round could of  gone ever way,  There was just over 8  laps separating the top 4 places, but  with 3 x 51  laps saw Trevor sneaking in to takeaway  1st place.
Daniel  gave Barry a good run  for his  money, with  Barry coming out to take 5th.
Driver of the  night would have to go to  Darren for  posting two 52  laps, which was about 1 lap quicker than   the  next quickest.