Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yearly Points Update

I have updated the  yearly points with the worst 2 results from each track dropped  off. The running total will include all the points and the provisional total will be less the worst 6. 

Running Total (all points)                        Provisional Total   (worst 6 dropped)

Darren  83                                               Darren  30
Trev      80                                               Trev      29                                         
Dan       65                                               Dan       26
Stu        61                                               Stu        24 
Barry     58                                               Barry     21
Daniel    37                                              Peter     20
Peter     33                                              Daniel    15
Tony      28                                              Tony      12
Stev         8                                               Stev        8

Friday, May 25, 2012

Wednesday Night Racing 23/5/12

With Dan and Tony away there were 7 cars lined up for the 9th round of the points series at the 16th Ave track.
In qualifying Trevor set the pace by doing a 27.13. The next 4 places were all in the 26's with a 26.63 for Stu to take 2nd , Peter was close behind with a 26.37 for 3rd, Stev did very well by doing a 26.17 for 4th and Darren was strangely off the pace with a 26.03 for  5th. The next 2 were both in the 24's. Daniel had a big smile on his face when he did a 24.87 to take 6th and Barry was only 0.67 behind with a 24.20 for 7th.

The first heat Trevor was on top of the ladder with 247.47 . Second place was tied between Stu and Barry who were both on 237.60 .  Darren was two and a bit behind them with a 234.90 for 4th. Peter who did a 230.73 came away with 5th. Daniel did a 214.93 for 6th and  Stev had car troubles and could only do a 83.97 to round things off in 7th.

In  the 2nd heat Trevor found a little bit of extra pace and took out 1st with a 249. 27  . Darren had Stu biting at his tyres but he just got 2nd by doing a 234.04 and Stu was oh so close with a 233.90 for 3rd.  Barry was just over 3 laps behind in 4th with a 230.07 .  Peter was some what off the pace when he change cars at the start of the 2nd heat and with 223.24 5th  place was his. Daniel's 217.10 was good enough for 6th and Stev was still coming to grips with the track did a 199.21 for 7th.

Trevor made it 4 out of 4 by taking out 1st place in the 3rd heat with a 249.40 followed by a improving Darren who took out 2nd with a 243.33  .   Stu got 3rd by doing a 233.37 and Barry was 4th 3 laps behind  with 230.23  .   Peter had Daniel right up his spur gear but with 227.87 he just got there for 5th. Daniel, 6th, was  close with a 225.39  .  Stev did his best set for the night and rounded things off in 7th with 214.47   .

Once everything was added up the results are as below;
1st  Trev         773.27
2nd Darren     738.30
3rd Stu           731.50
4th Barry       722.10
5th Peter        708.21
6th Daniel       682.29
7th Stev          523.82 

Sorry about the  picture as I missed the names on  the  left hand side, but they go in  this order from  top to bottom.

Next weeks racing will be at the Kinloch track, so whack on your NASCAR bodies and i will see you there....

Thursday, May 24, 2012


updated 9/5/12    (9th round)    16th Ave
Points  are as follows:
1st 10 points, 2nd 9  points,  3rd  8 points etc.  In  the event of a draw, a  count  back of the fastest 1x3min race(s) will  decide the winner.
Over 21 races (7 at each track,  every 2nd week)
You  can drop your worst 6 (2 from each track)

Running Total (all points)                        Provisional Total   (worst 6 dropped)

Darren  83                                               Darren  30
Trev      80                                               Trev      29                                         
Dan       65                                               Dan       26
Stu        61                                               Stu        24 
Barry     58                                               Barry     21
Daniel    37                                              Peter     20
Peter     33                                              Daniel    15
Tony      28                                              Tony      12
Stev         8                                               Stev        8

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Race Night 16/5/12

With it being a non points night it was a mixture of the 1/32 sedan's and the 1/24 GTP's. The formula of the nights racing  was the same for both classes which consisted of qualifying and then straight into the finals. After that it was a 1 min knock out race. (I forgot the camera and I can't remember the results)
Everyone enjoyed the fun night with the different racing format, but this week it will be gloves off racing for a points night at the 16th track.
sEe YoU tHeRe....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


The laps got added up wrong a couple of meetings ago. So with the adjusted laps, Barry gained a place and Stu lost a place, so I have updated the points to reflect this.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

11th April - 16th avenue points results

Car Specifications

If you look under car specifications I have added some rules. I basically went to the NZSCA website and copied their rules (I did change some/left some out to suit our needs).
We all know the rules, but nothing was really written down. If you can have a look and tell me if something should/shouldn't be in there or if something needs to rewritten to make it clearer, please let me know.  

Friday, May 11, 2012

Trophy For The Race Night Winner

There is now a trophy  that will be handed out  to the winner  of  each race night. I'm  sure that there will be some really keen people  wanting to get their hands  on this.
Many thanks to Darren for  making the trophy and for Dan  for doing the art work.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Drawn Races On A Points NIght

As discussed last night that in the unlikely event that 2 (or more) people get the same total laps on a points night there will be a count back of the fastest 1x3min race(s) to decide the winner.

I have updated the personal best board

Everyone pretty much beat all their personal bests, with only a couple of records that didn't change.  It will be just a matter of time for the magic 50 is reached.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Race Night 9/5/12

First of all  a big welcome to  our newest  member Steve. He  is our 9th member of  our  club. He hasn't raced for 30 odd years, so  is a bit rusty. By the  end of the night he was  getting things together, so no  doubt once he has blown  the cobwebs  off he will be  right up there.
With  the club  getting bigger we  have to  fit more races in, so it  is very  important that we get the  racing started by 7, otherwise the racing finishes quite late.
Daniel  was away for the  night so there was 8 drivers  lined  up on the starting grid for the  nights racing.
In qualifying Darren got off to a flying start by doing a 16.7 closely followed by Dan with a 16.5 with Trevor not that far behind with a 16.3. Stu didn't quite make it into the 16's, but came very close by doing a 15.9. Peter was nipping at his heals with a 15.7. Barry found it hard going with couple of off's and ended with a 14.7. Steve was straight into it by posting a 14.0 and Tony did well to do a 12.1
By the end of the 1st round Trevor was on top of the ladder board with a 146.5 with Darren 2 laps behind with 144.5  . Dan did a 143.2 which gave him 4.3 laps  lead over Peter who did a 138.9 .  Then it was Barry with a 137.7 followed by a gap of 2.9 to Stu's 134.8 .  Steve did well by doing a 126.6 which gave him a lead of 17.5 over Tony's 109.1
The 2nd round saw Peter come out tops with a 145.4 which was one lap  better  than  Darren's 144.4 . Trevor was 0.6 behind him with a 143.8 which gave him a 1.9 lap buffer to Dan who did a 141.9 .  The next two were close together with Barry doing a 138 dead which was 1.4 laps better than Stu's 136.6  . Steve was only 4.5 laps behind with a 132.1  . Tony found some extra pace by doing a 114.6
In the 3rd and final round there was only 4.1 laps separating the top 4 guys. Trevor again took it out with a 145.2 which was only 0.9 better than Darren's 144.3 . Dan who did a 142.9  was 1.5 laps better than Peter's 141.4 .  Next it was Steve with a 134.3 which was 4.6 laps better than Stu who did a 129.7 when a wheel came off. Tony did his best run of the night, but was 14.6 laps behind with115.1
So when the tyre dust settled down and everything added up the results are as follows;
Trevor     451.8  (+0)
Darren     449.9  (+1.9)
Dan         444.5   (+5.4)
Peter        441.4   (+3.1)
Barry        426.6   (+14.8)
Stu            417.0   (+9.6)
Steve        407.0    (+10)
Tony         350.9    (56.1)

******  Please Note. ******
 Depending  on  your screen you might have to scroll over to the right to get the full results*

Heat A Heat B Heat C Heat D
Qualifying Race 1Race 2 Race 3     Sub Total Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Sub Total Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Sub Total Totals A,B, C, D
Barry 14.7 43.9 46.6 47.2 137.7 46.0 46.3 45.7 138 45.7 44.4 46.1 136.2 426.6
Dan 16.5 46.3 48.6 48.3 143.2 46.3 48.3 47.3 141.9 47.7 47.0 48.2 142.9 444.5
Daniel XXX 0 0 0 0
Darren 16.7 49.5 48.7 46.3 144.5 49.3 46.9 48.2 144.4 47.0 48.7 48.6 144.3 449.9
Peter 15.7 46.1 46 46.8 138.9 48.6 48.2 48.6 145.4 44.7 48.4 48.3 141.4 441.4
Steve 14 41.3 42.5 42.8 126.6 43.3 42.5 46.3 132.1 44.3 45.7 44.3 134.3 407
Stu 15.9 42.5 47.6 44.7 134.8 46.5 44.6 45.5 136.6 42.7 46.5 40.5 129.7 417
Tony 12.1 35.2 37.2 36.7 109.1 36.3 39.5 38.8 114.6 38.0 38.3 38.8 115.1 350.9
Trevor 16.3 47.7 49 49.8 146.5 47.6 49.0 47.2 143.8 46.6 49.6 49.0 145.2 451.8

Next weeks racing will be at the Scantlebury track. With a mixture of 1/24th LMP and Sedan 1/32 cars, it should be a great nights racing. So oil up your cars, dust them off and I will see you there.  Trevor


updated 9/5/12    (8th round)     Kinlock
Points  are as follows:
1st 10 points, 2nd 9  points,  3rd  8 points etc.  In  the event of a draw, a  count  back of the fastest 1x3min race(s) will  decide the winner.
Over 21 races (7 at each track,  every 2nd week)
You  can drop your worst 6 (2 from each track)
Darren  74 
Trev      70
Dan       65
Stu        53
Barry     51
Daniel    32
Tony      28
Peter     27
Steve      4

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Points night and drawn races

With  Barry and Dan  having a draw the  other  night (4th =)  it got  me thinking  what  would happen  if it  happened on  a  points night. Would they share 7 points each or 6.5 points  each if they split  the points between  them  (4th = 7 points, 5th  =  6 points). Or should there be a race off  to decide (something like 2 x 1 min  races). Although it is  very rare for  this to happen,  it  dose  happen  now and again. Just something  to think  about  before we race on  Wed.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wed Night Racing 2/5/12

With the 16th Ave track out with computer problems  and being a non points night  the  NASCAR bodies were put  on  and  the racing was moved to the Kinloch  track. Stu was away for work,  but a welcome surprise was Paul from New Plymouth  turning up  to make up the 8th driver.
The  track had a clean down and with a fresh spray of glue put  on and the practice times looked promising for some good nights racing.
In  qualifying there was only 0.7 separating the top 5 drivers  and only 0.1  separating 6th,7th and 8th.
1st      15.8 Peter
2nd =  15.7 Darren
2nd =  15.7 Trevor
4th       15.3 Dan
5th       15.1  Barry
6th =    12.1 Daniel
6th =    12.1 Tony
8th        12.0 Paul

Dan's run  of bad luck continued in the 1st heat with a motor going off on him, but Darren was kind enough to loan him  a car and he was back  racing again.With  0.2  covering the top 3 drivers and only 6.7 between 1st and 5th  it was too early to guess who was going to take out the  nights racing.

1st       142.4Trevor
2nd      142.3 Peter
3rd       142.2 Darren
4th        139.1 Barry
5th        135.7 Dan
6th        125.8 Paul
7th        120.7 Daniel
8th        115.4 Tony

The 2nd heat saw some close tight racing with some drivers fairing better that others. When  the  dust settled down it was Trevor that had come out tops. 6.5 laps covered 2nd to 5th place.

1st       149.3 Trevor
2nd      144.2 Dan
3rd       141.9 Peter
4th        140.7 Barry
5th        137.7 Darren
6th        127.4 Daniel
7th        114.2 Paul
8th        110.9 Tony

In the 3rd  and last heat Darren got his nose in  front and  kept it there to take out the win by 0.2. Again everyone showed some great driving and there was some good racing with only a hand full of sections covering some places.
1st       147.5 Darren
2nd      147.3 Trevor
3rd       142.9 Peter
4th        140.8 Barry
5th        140.5  Dan
6th        125.1 Daniel
7th        121.4 Paul
8th        116.6 Tony

So with the all the heats added up along with the qualifying the results are as below.

1st       454.7 Trevor
2nd      443.1 Darren
3rd       442.9 Peter
4th =     435.7 Barry
4th =     435.7 Dan
6th        385.3 Daniel
7th        373.4 Paul
8th        355.0 Tony

Racing will be at the Kinloch track again next week  for a points night, So see you there.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

wed Nights Racing 25/4/12 ANZAC Day

ANZAC nights racing  had a bit  of everything. Dan started off well,  but when the wheels  fell off  his car, he was always playing catch  up. Peter's motor started off a bit sick and when it went up in smoke, so did his challenge for the night. Darren was  pretty much unstoppable all night long to take out  1st  place.Stu  made  a welcome return to the podium for 2nd, with Trevor rounding off for 3rd. Dan got back on track to take out 4th, just ahead of 5th  place Peter who  borrowed a car to keep going. Barry fought well but ended up 6th. Daniel showed some pace for 7th and Tony drove well for 8th.