Friday, May 25, 2012

Wednesday Night Racing 23/5/12

With Dan and Tony away there were 7 cars lined up for the 9th round of the points series at the 16th Ave track.
In qualifying Trevor set the pace by doing a 27.13. The next 4 places were all in the 26's with a 26.63 for Stu to take 2nd , Peter was close behind with a 26.37 for 3rd, Stev did very well by doing a 26.17 for 4th and Darren was strangely off the pace with a 26.03 for  5th. The next 2 were both in the 24's. Daniel had a big smile on his face when he did a 24.87 to take 6th and Barry was only 0.67 behind with a 24.20 for 7th.

The first heat Trevor was on top of the ladder with 247.47 . Second place was tied between Stu and Barry who were both on 237.60 .  Darren was two and a bit behind them with a 234.90 for 4th. Peter who did a 230.73 came away with 5th. Daniel did a 214.93 for 6th and  Stev had car troubles and could only do a 83.97 to round things off in 7th.

In  the 2nd heat Trevor found a little bit of extra pace and took out 1st with a 249. 27  . Darren had Stu biting at his tyres but he just got 2nd by doing a 234.04 and Stu was oh so close with a 233.90 for 3rd.  Barry was just over 3 laps behind in 4th with a 230.07 .  Peter was some what off the pace when he change cars at the start of the 2nd heat and with 223.24 5th  place was his. Daniel's 217.10 was good enough for 6th and Stev was still coming to grips with the track did a 199.21 for 7th.

Trevor made it 4 out of 4 by taking out 1st place in the 3rd heat with a 249.40 followed by a improving Darren who took out 2nd with a 243.33  .   Stu got 3rd by doing a 233.37 and Barry was 4th 3 laps behind  with 230.23  .   Peter had Daniel right up his spur gear but with 227.87 he just got there for 5th. Daniel, 6th, was  close with a 225.39  .  Stev did his best set for the night and rounded things off in 7th with 214.47   .

Once everything was added up the results are as below;
1st  Trev         773.27
2nd Darren     738.30
3rd Stu           731.50
4th Barry       722.10
5th Peter        708.21
6th Daniel       682.29
7th Stev          523.82 

Sorry about the  picture as I missed the names on  the  left hand side, but they go in  this order from  top to bottom.

Next weeks racing will be at the Kinloch track, so whack on your NASCAR bodies and i will see you there....

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