Stu's New Track

After getting permission from  his better half and  the cars banished outside, planning got underway for the 4th Tauranga track. Several track plans were drawn up  and a design was chosen. This was then measured out   and a track plan was taped out onto the floor. After a bit of tweaking a final plan  was made. Many thanks to Dan  for the information and pictures.

Sunday Feb 26th:
We are in the early stages of our new 1/24 4 lane track. With the first corner section & straight be transported from Daniel's workshop.
 The pictures above show the two modules. the adjustable legs have also been completed to support the new track. I will be updating the News Page with pictures on our progress which is shaping up to be an awesome new track so keep checking back here.

Sunday 4th Update:
A big Weekend was put in by Daniel, Darren, Stu & Dan on the new track and its really starting to take shape. Big Thanks to Daniel the use of workshop (A1 Kitchens Tauranga) and his time as been invaluable to this project. Some new pictures below.

The view  of controller station straight. The turn tightens up as you exit this corner.

At 4.5m  this is the longest straight on the layout.  This straight leads onto the controller  station straight. 

The  missing S section.This part is cut out waiting for the glue to dry. 

Here  is  the  missing link
The grooves have  been  routed and the side barriers  have started to  be glued on.

Sunday 11th March: New pics below:


track modules separated to be undercoated. Then the recess for the braid will be cut out


Braid recess now cut, thanks to Darren. Lane colors now being painted before we do the top coat of the track surface.

29/3/12 Update

Starting to take shape now, with the track suface & lane colours all painted. just the outer barriers need to be finished then on to tape & braiding.

The Track modules were moved out to lay the nice carpet down, then the modules moved back ready to be taped and braided.

Easter Weekend New Track Update

Braiding all done and all bolted together with all legs in place. Next step is track wiring and the construction of the drivers platform / rostrum and the race controller plinth. for computer etc.
Its Starting to look good !!