About Us

We are  small club racing 1/24 and 1/32 scale slot cars on  3 lane wood routed tracks. The cars and rules are based on the NZ Slot car Association rules
The cars are built from a  metal chassis kit and have a super light weight lexan body. They are  far superior to  your homeset plastic scalextric set. They rely on downforce & driver control to stay on the track not magnets. 
There are several tracks in the Tauranga area. The Scantlebury track, the 16th Ave track, the Kinloch track and a new 4 lane track being built by Stu (no name as yet)
Race day is every Wednesday night with the meeting kicking off at 7pm sharp. Race fee's are $3.
All drivers require there own car(s) and controller to race.
If you are interested in Slot Car Racing please contact us, as we welcome new drivers and visitors from other Slot car clubs to join us.
For more information or to contact us you can either use this site or go to the link below.

Thank you
                from the Tauranga Slot Racing Club.

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