Friday, May 4, 2012

Wed Night Racing 2/5/12

With the 16th Ave track out with computer problems  and being a non points night  the  NASCAR bodies were put  on  and  the racing was moved to the Kinloch  track. Stu was away for work,  but a welcome surprise was Paul from New Plymouth  turning up  to make up the 8th driver.
The  track had a clean down and with a fresh spray of glue put  on and the practice times looked promising for some good nights racing.
In  qualifying there was only 0.7 separating the top 5 drivers  and only 0.1  separating 6th,7th and 8th.
1st      15.8 Peter
2nd =  15.7 Darren
2nd =  15.7 Trevor
4th       15.3 Dan
5th       15.1  Barry
6th =    12.1 Daniel
6th =    12.1 Tony
8th        12.0 Paul

Dan's run  of bad luck continued in the 1st heat with a motor going off on him, but Darren was kind enough to loan him  a car and he was back  racing again.With  0.2  covering the top 3 drivers and only 6.7 between 1st and 5th  it was too early to guess who was going to take out the  nights racing.

1st       142.4Trevor
2nd      142.3 Peter
3rd       142.2 Darren
4th        139.1 Barry
5th        135.7 Dan
6th        125.8 Paul
7th        120.7 Daniel
8th        115.4 Tony

The 2nd heat saw some close tight racing with some drivers fairing better that others. When  the  dust settled down it was Trevor that had come out tops. 6.5 laps covered 2nd to 5th place.

1st       149.3 Trevor
2nd      144.2 Dan
3rd       141.9 Peter
4th        140.7 Barry
5th        137.7 Darren
6th        127.4 Daniel
7th        114.2 Paul
8th        110.9 Tony

In the 3rd  and last heat Darren got his nose in  front and  kept it there to take out the win by 0.2. Again everyone showed some great driving and there was some good racing with only a hand full of sections covering some places.
1st       147.5 Darren
2nd      147.3 Trevor
3rd       142.9 Peter
4th        140.8 Barry
5th        140.5  Dan
6th        125.1 Daniel
7th        121.4 Paul
8th        116.6 Tony

So with the all the heats added up along with the qualifying the results are as below.

1st       454.7 Trevor
2nd      443.1 Darren
3rd       442.9 Peter
4th =     435.7 Barry
4th =     435.7 Dan
6th        385.3 Daniel
7th        373.4 Paul
8th        355.0 Tony

Racing will be at the Kinloch track again next week  for a points night, So see you there.


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