Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Night Racing 30/11/11

 This weeks racing was for total laps (incl qualifying).  It  was  another night  of close racing  at the Scantlebury track for most  of us, except for Dan who was in a  league to  himself with  convincing wins in (I think) in all  his races. Dan finished the night with  just  about  24 laps clear  of   2nd place. It was pretty close for 2nd,3rd & 4th with only 10 laps difference between Trevor, Stu and Darren. Barry started out good, but after a car change saw him fade away to 5th. Daniel and Tony were very consistent to  round off 5th and 6th.
We got through the 1/24th pretty  quick so that left just enough time for some 1/32 racing (3x2min-no  qualifying).
The driver  of  the  night  has to  go to  Dan, for not  only  kicking our  butts, doing a  49.9 (again),  but  for also  winning the 1/32 race  at the end  of the night.

1st Dan 446.3
2nd Trevor 422.7
3rd Stu 418.2
4th Darren 412.5
5th Barry  388.6
6th Daniel 312.3
7th Tony 289.2

1st Dan 78.1
2nd Darren 69.7
3rd Stu 67.6
4th Barry 63.4
5th Trevor60.3
6th Tony 51

Next weeks racing will  be at the Kinlock track, so see you there.

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