Friday, November 18, 2011

race night results 16/11/11

With Stu and Dan away there were 5 people  that turned up. With only  a  light  spray of glue on the track everyone was looking for grip. Most  of the laps over 3 min were  in  the 45-47 range with the best being 48.3
Tony  did a 39.3, so it is  just a matter of time  before he cracks the 40 lap mark, but the  most  improved driver of the  night would have to be Barry  who took out 2nd. We got though the 3 heats of racing by 9, so that gave us just enough time to fit a round robin race for 1/32 cars. Unfortunately Daniel's car broke before we started  racing, so that only left 4 of us.
I  have posted a photo of the results, but the 1/32 are a bit hard to read, so have listed them below.
1st Trevor      110.2
2nd Darren     109.6
3rd  Barry       100.4
4th Tony         98.6
Don't forget next weeks racing will  be at the 16th ave track, so will see you there.

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