Friday, March 2, 2012

Wednesday Night Racing 29/2/11 ----points night and a leap day.----

It was another  night  of fast and furious racing at the 16th  ave track.  With the  saloon bodies back on,  the times were surprising  quick. Darren  set  the  pace right  from the start by doing a 28.2 in qualifying while  most of the rest were  in the 25 lap mark. He  then went  on to post  some solid 80 plus laps in the other races, only to snatch defeat from  the jaws of victory by doing a 77 on the 3rd to last race. Even by doing a record of 84.1 in the next race still wasn't enough  to stop  Trevor from taking out 1st place with 766.3 laps. Darren was 4.7  laps behind with 761.6 laps to take out 2nd place.
It was the closest finish  yet  for 3rd and 4th  with only 0.4 laps between Barry  and  Dan. Now  that Barry has new eyes, he is finally able to see his car  and drove the wheels off his car all night long,  but Dan  came away  with 3rd  with 723.6  laps   just ahead of Barry (4th) with  723.2 laps. Stu  wasn't that  far  behind, but with 716.2  laps 5th place  had his name  on it. Daniel  did some constant laps and ended  up with  660.4 to take out 6th. Tony concentrated on  his driving  and  it  really showed with a good 630.9 laps to round off in  7th.
Next weeks racing is at the  Kinloch track. With it  being  a non points night,  break out your 1/32 cars and I will see you  there.  

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