Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday Night Racing 7/3/12

With the 1/32's out again and a full team of 8 on deck, there was always going to be some close racing.
Dan came out tops in qualifying by blasting off a 14.3. Only 0.3 separated the next 3 places with Trevor(13.7) coming out in front of Peter(13.5),  followed by Darren.(13.4)
Stu was in 5th with a 12.5, followed by Barry's 11.3. It was very close between  Tony and Daniel with Tony taking  it out by  0.1 with a 10.6 V's  Daniel's 10.5.
After the  first round it was Darren  setting the pace with a 127.1, 2nd Dan 126.1, 3rd Trevor 123.2, 4th Peter 121.6,  5th Stu 114.2, 6th Barry 112.5, 7th Tony  98.6, 8th Daniel 97.2
In the 2nd round it was Dan 1st 126.9, 2nd  Trevor 126.1, 3rd Peter 124.6, 4th Darren 124, 5th Stu 119 6th Barry 115.1, 7th Daniel 107.8, 8th Tony 102.1
In  the final round Dan blasted off a impressive 129.7, Darren 126.3, Trevor 124.8, Peter 124.1, Stu 120.1, Barry  116.4, Tony 107.2, Daniel 103.2
With the qualifying added in the results are as follows
1st Dan 397
2nd Darren 390.8
3rd Trevor  387.8
4th Peter 383.8
5th Stu 365.8
6th Barry 355.3
7th Daniel 318.7
8th Tony 318.5
Well done Dan. With a points night next week at Dan's, it is going to be hard to beat him on his home track. Tony is really snapping at Daniel's rear wheels now, so  that is shaping up to be a close battle.

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