Thursday, July 7, 2011

race night 6/7/11

The first nights racing at  the  Kinloch  track went pretty well, but with a few problems with  the timing system showing up. Hopefully it should be all sorted out by next week. This week saw 7 people turn up which made  for some great racing. A big shout out  to  the newest member Daniel  who is starting to show some  good pace. With a bit of time he should  be right up there. Also once Barry gets used to his new controller he will be right  on  the  pace. Darren was a bit unlucky with a motor wire coming off after a crash.  
This weeks format was for  points.  1st qualifier getting 7 points,  2nd getting 6 points etc. For the racing 1st got 10 points,  2nd getting 8 points and 3rd getting 6 points.
Congratulations to Dan taking out 1st place. This must make it about 5 in a row now.
The  overall results are as  below
1 Dan 94 points
2 Pete 89  points
3 Stu 82  points
4 Trev 75  points
5 Darren 73  points
6 Barry 62  points
7 Daniel 57  points

Next weeks racing will also be at the Kinloch track.
The main  focus will  be 1/24th racing, but afterwards there will  be a quick 1/32 racing (time permitting), so bring your 1/32 cars just  in case.
Looking for a web site, but can not find it. Have a look on the link below.

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