Friday, July 8, 2011

Racing format for Wed 13/7/11

I was thinking of using the following format for next weeks racing;
Fastest lap over 1 minute and work points backwards by the number of people. (7 people - 1st would get 7 and 7th will get 1)
Race over 50 laps (should be around 3 min 15 sec) and points per race. 1st will get 3, 2nd gets 2 and 3rd 1.
This might seem a bit unbalanced in the points between the qualifying and the racing, but it is pretty close to the same points system we have been using at Dan's.
(Qualifying: points awarded 1st = 6pts 2nd = 5pts etc down to 1point
Race points (3x 3min)  1st= 10pts 2nd = 8pts 3rd =6 pts.)
If you win all 3 races you will get 9 points v's 10.
Any other suggestions or feed back would be appreciated.   

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