Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday Night Racing 13 July 2011

We saw some very close racing last night with some tight finishes. Dan's winning  streak of 5  in  a row  came to a end with Trevor coming out the overall winning and Stu close behind for 2nd.  3rd was tied between  Darren and Peter. Dan never recovered from his bad start and ended in 5th and Daniel rounding off in  6th.  Some record times were set and 50 laps taking about 3min 3sec. 

The staggered starts seem to work  fine, so they will  stay. At this stage I will probably go  back to  the 3min races instead of 50 laps.

The next time we race here it will be for laps (and sections), with a A&B final. (as per Dan's). 
Next week we will  be at the 16th ave. Darren is always hard to beat at home, so no doubt there will be plenty of work been done before then.   

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