Friday, April 13, 2012

Points Night Racing Results 4/4/12

Despite the bad weather everyone found room for their stuff in Darren's garage. The weather might of been bad, but the racing was good.The computer packed a sad after the 1st lot of races, but Darren waved his magic wand and got it going again.
It was one of those nights where a number of people could of taken it out, but Darren made sure he was going to be the person to beat right from the start by posting some big laps, the best just over 88. Trevor was a distant 2nd with nothing between Stu and Barry for 3rd and 4th. Dan had car troubles and ended in 4th. Daniel battled it out with Tony for 5th and 6th.
Next week racing will be a non points night at the Kinlock. So throw on your NASCAR bodies and get ready to race.

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