Wednesday, February 15, 2012

race night results 15/2/12

This Wed was the  first night for the  points series at the  Kinloch  track. Some  people feared better  than  the others with  the  new sedan  bodies,  but I  think it  would be fair to say  that everyone still has a lot  to learn.  The  track hasn't  be sprayed down  for months  now,  but with a good layer of rubber  on  it,  the grip  was there  if you  went  looking for  it.
Darren  showed that he has really steeped  up a  gear with  some consistent good laps (425.6) to  take the win from Trevor (418.7)  by just under 7 laps. It was a  close battle for 3rd  and 4th with Dan (413) just coming out in front of Peter (412.2). Barry  (395.2) wasn't that far behind to take out 5th.  Stu  (378.9) struggled  all  night for  grip and ended up 6th. Daniel  (360.3) didn't fear much  better for 7th and Tony (320.1) rounded up the rear  for 8th.

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