Friday, June 15, 2012

race Night 13/6/12

Unfortunately I wasn't there for the nights racing, but I've heard though the grape vine that Peter had a big smile on his face at the end of the night by making a welcome return to  the  top  of the  podium.  He has been threatening for awhile and everything came together for him  on the night.  Everyone had a great time and the racing format was also a great hit and it could be something that we could use again.

1st Peter
2nd Dan
3rd Stu
4th Barry
5th Darren
6th Daniel
7th  Tony

Next weeks racing will again be at the 16th Ave track being a points night with the saloon bodies.
So oil up you bushes, clean up your braids, grind up some tyres and I wIlL sEe YoU tHeRe.

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