Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Kinloch Track

Well  sort of.
                     I  have cut the end off the  track  and are in the process of  putting in a  larger  radius  corner. I hope to  have it  finished  in  about 3-4 weeks  all  going  good.  While  I'm at  it, the whole track is going to get a repaint in  a gloss.
Here's  some pic's of the work so far.

This is the corner I wanted to get rid of. After claiming some of  the wife's space as my own  and knocking down  a wall  this gave me room to pull one end of the track  away from  the wall.

The new frame work for the track. It's not quite finished  in this photo.

The  new track layout in  it's resting in place. The slots and the braid recess has already  been cut.  The track supports have yet to  be put in place.

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