Saturday, September 3, 2011

Standard Production

A Parma International 32 chassis must be used. The chassis must be unmodified apart from the following permitted modifications:
·         Added weight, there are no restrictions on the use of ballast except that it must not overhang the chassis outline and must not inhibit the movement of any chassis component and it must be lead.
·         Addition of up to 4 body mounting pin tubes using glue or solder to production chassis.
·         Rear axle bearings  must be of the “oilite” type (no ball  bearings).
·         The holes in the motor bracket may be enlarged for motor clearance, provided the outside profile of the bracket remains unchanged.
·         The chassis pan below the end-bell may be trimmed to eliminate electrical short-circuit if necessary. Tape may be used under the motor end-bell for insulation to prevent the motor shorting on the chassis.
·         The motor may be soldered to the chassis in the standard factory position, and may be braced to the chassis in a rearward direction only.
·         Front wheels:  must turn on their centres at 90 Degrees to the tracks surface and have black rubber / plastic perimeter. Front axle may be braced to prevent its revolving, but must remain free to move laterally, and must not inhibit or alter the movement of any chassis component

No other modifications will be permitted.

Technical Specification   
·         Saloon  type  bodies only
·         A non-transparent three (3) dimensional driver, consisting of at least head / shoulders / arms and steering wheel must  be used    
Slot car Dimensions:
·         maximum width excluding pins and tape 2.519” (64mm)
·         minimum clearance  (rear) 0.5mm
·         spur gear must be level or above chassis
·         Rear tires: maximum width .650” (16mm)
1.           JK Falcon only. No modifications permitted, must remain sealed as manufactured.


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