Saturday, September 3, 2011

Super modified

Any chassis can be used. The chassis can be modified in any way as long as the following is a heard  to.

·         Added weight, there are no restrictions on the use of ballast except that it must not overhang the chassis outline.

  •              Front wheels:  must turn on their centres at 90 Degrees to the tracks surface and have black rubber / plastic perimeter. Front axle may be braced to prevent its revolving.

Technical Specification   
·         Any type of body can  be  use. but  no  wing cars
·         A non-transparent three (3) dimensional driver, consisting of at least head / shoulders / arms and steering wheel must be used or the windows must  be blacked out.    

Slot car Dimensions:
·         maximum width excluding pins and tape 2.519” (64mm)
·         minimum clearance  (rear) 0.5mm
·         spur gear must be level or above chassis
·         Rear tires: maximum width 20.5mm [.810”]


  • Any Type


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