Saturday, September 15, 2012

Race Night 12/9/12 Dan's Track

With a new handicapped system worked out and the ute bodies on it was time to test out the new bodies. There were 7 guys lined up for the nights racing and everyone was keen to get the racing underway.
Dan had worked the nights racing on a time penalty system and the cars could not be placed on the track until your time was called.
00 sec  Daniel
20 sec  Barry
24 sec  Trev
24 sec  Stu
25 sec  Pete
27 sec  Darren
30 sec  Dan
The 1st round saw Stu lead the way with 113.6 with Dan only 2 laps behind on 111.5  . Only 0.3 laps behind him was Pete on 111.2  .  Another 2 lap gap was Baz on 109.7 and then a 3 lap gap to Trev on 106.2  .
Daniel was next with 101.3 and Darren found out that you need 4 wheels to race and ended somewhat off the pace with 91.6
In the 2nd round, Pete showed how it was done by posting the best 3x3 of the night by doing a 114.4  .  There was nothing between the next 4 with Stu on 112.5 chased by Baz on 112.0 which in turn was chased by Trev on 111.4 and Daniel was right up his spur gear on 111.2  . Dan was 1 lap behind him with 110.3 with Darren rounding things off with 99.2
For the 3rd and final round, it saw about a 1 lap gap between each driver. Again a new person lead the way. With his problems sorted out, this time it was Darren with 114.1, followed by Stu 113.1, Trev 112.2, Pete 111.5, Dan 109.8, Baz 108.8 and Daniel 105.1
Once the the dust had settled down and the laps added up, the nights winner by 2 laps was !!!!!!!! Stu !!!!!!!
339.2  Stu
337.1  Pete
331.6  Dan
330.5  Baz
329.8  Trev
317.6  Daniel
304.9  Darren
Next weeks racing will be at Darren's and with the ute bodies again there will be a lot of tape holding them together.

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