Saturday, September 8, 2012

Race Night 5/9/12 Stu's Track

It was a great pleasure to have Paul and Wayne from the Hamilton club come over the hill to try out their luck on a Tauranga track. With Stev and Daniel away that made 9 guys lined up on  the starting grid for the nights racing. Stu ran a slick show and we got though everything by 10.
With the NASCAR bodies on, things got off to a steady start with Pete leading the charge with a 175.48. Next was Dan with 173.60, closely followed by Paul with 173.16  . There was a small  gap to  the  next  bunch with Trevor doing a 166.80 chased by Stu with a 162.28  . Barry who did a 158.68 did well  to stay in front of Darren  who did 155.56   . Wayne was next on  149.36 and Tony rounded things up  with a strong 140.88
The 2nd round saw the leader board change,  this time with Dan out front and with a bit of a gap on the rest of the field, with a 177.92.  Next was Trevor with 171.68 which was only just a little bit better than Stu's 171.40.  Paul wasn't that far behind with a solid 168.16.  Barry improved on his 1st round with a 166.88.  Wayne did his best run of the night with 164.36.  The next 2 both had shockers. Peter with a 164.16 and Darren with 157 even. Tony was his steady self and posted a 136.76.
With the 2 heats added up the leader board looked like this.
351.52 Dan
341.32 Paul
339.64 Pete
338.48 Trev
333.68 Stu
325.56 Baz
313.72 Wayne
312.56 Darren
277.64 Tony
In the 3rd and final heat, Dan showed the way by blasting off the best 3x4 of the night with a 181.52.  Stu kept him honest by doing a 178.88, which was also his best. Peter was only 1 lap behind and made it a trio of personal best by doing a 177.88.  There was a 7 lap gap to Trevor with a 170.48.  Barry had him in his sights, but couldn't quite get there and ended up with 169.52.  Next was Wayne on 161.60 with Paul chasing hard with a borrowed car and did well by doing a 157.20.  Tony kept out of trouble and with 137.88 came out in front of Darren who found things really hard going to round things off with a 114.16
Once the armature smoke has settled down and things were added, up the results are as below.
533.04 Dan
517.52 Pete
512.56 Stu
508.96 Trev
498.52 Paul
495.08 Barry
474.88 Wayne
426.72 Darren
415.52 Tony
It was a great night racing and it was great to have the Hamilton guys here.
Next weeks racing will be at Dan's track with the new ute bodies. It should be interesting to say at least.
c u  there...

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