Sunday, October 7, 2012

Race night results 3/10/12

It was the first nights racing at the Kinloch track  after about a 8 week break. I  glued up the track the night before and it seemed very sticky, but by the time  race night came along all the goo was gone from the race line. It wasn't until the last lot  of heat racing when  the tyre rubber on the track offered some type of grip.
The top order was separated by  about 2 laps with Dan leading the way  in the 1st round with a 123.30  followed by Darren's 121.60 .  Next was Peter with 119.35 then Trevor with 117.70  Stu was next with 115.35  There was about a 4 lap gap to Barry with 111.80 followed by Daniel on 107.80  Rounding things off was Tony with a 93.40
Peter put  up  a good fight in  the 2nd round, but couldn't quite get there and fell 3 sections short. Again Dan came out in  front with a 125.25 with Peter close behind with a 125.10  The next 2 places were also close with Trevor just getting there with a 123.45 with V's Darren's 123.05  Next was consent Barry with a 118.95 followed by Daniel with a 110.75  Next was Tony with a 93.05 with Stu having a bad run  to finish off things with 92.85
In  the 3rd and final round the track had some rubber down on it and it showed with 5 drivers posting  their best laps of the night, (the other 3 doing theirs in the 2nd round)
Dan  made it a hat trick with  a 128.00 which was also the best 3x3 of the night. Next was Trevor with a 125.60 The  next 3 were very close with Darren coming out in  front with a 123.10 chased hard by Peter  with a 122.85 and Stu was ready to pounce with a 122.55  Barry came  in next with a 118.90 followed by Daniel 109.05 and  Tony had a great run with a 94.75
Once everything was added up, the finishing order went  like this;
376.55  Dan
367.75 Darren
367.30 Peter
366.75 Trevor
349.65 Barry
330.75 Stu
327.60 Daniel
281.20 Tony

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