Sunday, October 7, 2012

Race Results 26/9/12

Here they are at last. It was at the 16th ave track with  the NASCAR bodies. My memory is a bit vague on  this one, but I  did write down  the final results.
Darren had done a handicap format for the nights racing and he worked out the following  system. Each 3x3 heat the below laps were added to  the final results.
0   Trev
1   Darren
3   Dan
3   Peter
15 Barry
36 Daniel
For the second time in a row Daniel came out  in 1st place with 254. 2nd was Peter  with 251. 3rd was Dan with  246. 4th was Barry with 245. 5th was Trevor with 253. 6th was Darren with 209.

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